Product Features :

This advanced 2.4 GHz jamming device utilizes unique and intelligent technique that interferes the video signals of wireless camera, also can block the communication of wireless LAN and Bluetooth. Ensure a safety environment free from hidden wireless camera and body bug or to avoid wireless data communication being collected secretly by competitor or business spy.

Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation needed, need no professional knowledge or skill, a portable device to suit everyone, everywhere and anytime.


Garble the video signals of wireless camera and block the communication of WLAN and bluetooth.


  • Home and any private place where want to prevent peeping camera or body bug.
  • Conference room and office where protect information being collected secretly.
  • Government and military premises that should free from wireless camera and should protect 2.4 GHz wireless data communication


  • Palm size for easy carry.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery can be used for 5 hours outdoor.
  • AC adaptor input for long time use.


  • Input power: AC/DC both available, built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack 7.2V DC., 9V DC, 500 mA (using AC adaptor)
  • Output power: about 100mW.
  • Antenna: Swivel type 360 degree rotary adjustment and 90 degree adjustment.
  • Effective range: about 10 meters radius. To block video signals, one jammer can cover an individual room of 3500 square feet (about 315 square meter).


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