Product Features :

Mobile phone watch for kids or teenagers, providing not only a unique way for your children to make or receive calls, but also a safety GPS tracker for parents so they can always know where their child is or isn’t.
Kids and teenagers without a doubt love cell phones. Mix that together with a great looking wristwatch telling analog time, and your kids will have double the reason to show off their new, cool gadget phone to all their friends. Everything a normal phone can do, this teens and kids watch phone can do and more. What the teens and kids never have to realize though is that this watch phone is also for the parents…
Parents give phones to their kids on the hope that if there is an emergency that they will be able to call them instantly. This watch phone comes with a built in GPS tracker, meaning that you as the parents will know exactly where your kid is at any time. Also, you can preprogram GPS locations into the phone watch, and when your child plus the phone enter or leave the designated areas, you will get a message. You also can use the watch as an electronic leach for your kids, as when the watch phone is paired to your mobile phone and the distance reaches over 10 meters, you will be instantly notified by a text message. You even get remote parental controls such as the ability to bar incoming and outgoing calls to the watch phone. Finally, kids who are truly in trouble and don’t have time to try and dial your number will have the ability to send instant SOS calls and GPS location to their parents in case of an emergency. Best of all, you as parents never have to tell your kids how you know where they were when they were skipping class, as the watch phone to them is just a cool present given to them that looks cool and works great.
Keep your kids safe while at the same time giving them a cool and useful phone that they will be proud to show off to their friends.

At a Glance...

    Quad Band GSM mobile phone watch
    Make or receive calls
    Up to 4 Guardian/parental numbers saved for notifications/querries
    On Demand GPS Location to Guardian number
    Up to 6 waypoints able to be inputted, with entry & exit times from the
    waypoints sent to guardian numbers
    Parental controls (bar/allow incoming and outgoing calls)
    Quick SOS from the phone (phone call + GPS location)
    Bluetooth tethering (if phone watch is connected to parents phone over
    bluetooth and is separated by over 10 meters, a message will automatically be sent to the phone).

Manufacturer Specifications

    2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Bluetooth (Handsfree, Headset)
    Parental Controls Via SMS: Call Barring, Outgoing Call Baring
    Battery Size: 450mAH
    Usage Time: 3 Hours
    Battery Standby: 120 Hours


    Up to 6 GPS locations waypoints preset
    Up to 4 Guardian phone numbers
    Auto SMS message sent to guardian numbers when watch enters/leaves
    waypoint locations
    On demand GPS location when queried by guardian SMS message
    GPS information sent when SOS triggered + guardian pickup.


    Micro SD Card Slot up to 16GB
    Media Formats:
    Audio: MP3, MIDI, AMR
    SIM Card Slot - GSM
    Micro SD Card Slot
    Main product dimensions: 165x50x20mm (L x W x D)

Product Notes

    The GPS accuracy depends on the SIMs network operator, and can be anywhere from 50 to 300 meters off.
    Settings can only be changed by SMS messages belonging to guardian using the correct SMS code.
    The watch is rubberized and works fine in rainy conditions, but should never be used underwater nor is it waterproof


    GPS Watch
    USB Cable
    Power Adapter
    User Manual


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