Product Features :

Have a look at this newwest smart Ear Gsm Detector and Protector,With working over

2G/3G Cell network, its Compact platform intergrates aset of intelligent sensors, infrared sensor,phone pick-up sensor and vibration sensor, etc. it extends your sense and ear distance and dimentsion,any unexpected situation you want to know occurring in the warhouse, office hotel ,home , etc, wil be captured and warned your immediately by the calls and messages, no matter where you are. It is with Triband Frequency network, So it can be used in most of the countres in the world.

In order to Capture what your workers do in the office and If they are using the company telephone for private usage. Come here to get this cool products to do whatever you can


  • Working through Tri-band 900,1800,1900Mhz 2G/3G network. It can be accessed anywhere anytime. Integrated with high sensitive infrared sensor&alarms. When any break-in is detected, no matter day and night, it will automatically call or send message to any predefined cell phone. At the same time,the alarms will turn on and spark the emergency situation.

    Applications: Real time interlligent security guard and protector for Home. wARHOUSE,STORE, ETC when one is office workig, where he still can sense and monitor his home through it.
  • Integrated the telephone detector. when the monitored phone ispicking up, it will automatically Call to any predefined cell phone, like one's Cell Phone, By that one can overhear any conversation over that monitored phone line.

    (1) Office working efficiency monitor,
    (2) prevent any possible call that leaks information to competitors.
  • Integrated The vibration sensors. Any vibration will be captured and immediately tell one through call or text.
    (1) Old people,patient taking care.
    (2) Valuables stuff eudemon. Put it in the drawer, coffer where the valuables stuff is stored, to prevent them from stealing,also can put it against window or curtain for catching any unexpected Movement.
  • High quality voice sensor. Any Voice will be detected and triggered to warn one by call or text.
  • Application: Act as baby sitter, when baby is suddenly crying from sleep, parent can catch that from another room or floor,or any place. Automatically Pickup function. one can call it anytime he wants to check some special place, Even There is no any alert alarm, with embedded high sensitivity mocrophone, one can hear what is happening on the place.

Quick Start Operation Manual

  • When first time use, please charge it for around 5 hours.The charge light is keeping red until it is fully charged.
  • Insert Sim Card,turn the power swith to On Positon. After waiting for about 15 Secs for its registration, a call can be dialed first, If the Call is going through it well, then it is ready to receive the control text message to turn on or off the sensors.If cant make the call,then just turn it off,then turn On again.
  • Blind it to a control host number with text message A100+countrycode number. For instance, the Host number is 912345678, country code for austrica is 61, then send text message A100+61912345678 to smart ear, dont put any space character in, it will send back "A100OK Call Bound". In some country, the cell phone Number maybe starts with 0, such As 0912345678, When blinding, It is not Recommended to put "0" IN, just Send out A100+6192345678.
  • Turn On phone pickup sensor with text message. send out A201 only to smart ear, it will reply back text message"A201OK Phone pickup function enabled.
  • Turn On Vibration sensor with text message A202. send out A202 only to smart ear, it will reply back text message "A202OK" Vibration function enabled.
  • Turn On Voice sensor with text message A203. send out A203 only to smart ear, it will reply back text message "A203OK" Voice function enabled.
  • Turn On Infrared sensor with text message A204. send out A204 only to smart ear, it will reply back text message "A204OK" Infrared function enabled.
  • Notice for how to connect telephone line sensor. Please first Connect sensor accessory to it, and then link it the telephone line.
  • DO not Reverse the sequence, and also Please plug all the Accessory part to into its phone interface. And it is better to put it a little far to the telephone Set, As it is so powerful,even around 200Meters, the detected line voice quality is still great.

Package Contains

  • 1 X Smart Ear Gsm Detector
  • 1 x Usb Power Adapter with usb cable
  • 1 x Infrared Sensor
  • 1 x Telephone Line Switch
  • 1 X External Alarmer


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