Product Features :

This Cell Phone Spy Camera has been designed like one of the classic first generation Nokia mobile phones that tons of people still use.

What is more common than this? With the lens ideally located on top of the screen, it provides total discretion while recording the target. Pretend you are dialing a number or typing a message and secretly capture what you are pointing at! Imagine you are climbing the stairs and there is a pretty girl wearing a mini skirt in front of you... then take the spy phone out and record the situation, while remaining unnoticed. No one will ever know what you are really doing!

Spy devices are usually hidden in unexpected objects in order to surprise people, however more and more people are aware of this fact... So what if it was possible to make an innocent mobile phone, that everyone carries, into a smart spy item? Well here it is! Introducing the Cell Phone Spy Camera looking like an old-fashioned Nokia!

Cell Phone Spy Camera (Nokia Mobile Design) - looks like a cell phone, but is actually an inconspicuous and treacherous spy gadget!

In addition of all the possibilities a spy product offers - photos, videos and voices recording - the Cell Phone Spy Camera has motion detection function. It is a very good feature for those who don't trust their colleagues or partners. They may search your stuff when you are away but no worry since you will be able to record them from now on! What more? There is a zoom to catch details, the playback option allows files to be checked instantly and even deleted if needed, and the initial memory of 2GB is big enough for storage of plenty of confidential data!

Be nostalgic - or feign it - and get the Cell Phone Spy Camera with Nokia mobile design to secretly capture whatever you need or want!


Discreet cell phone spy camera
Motion detection
Get clear details
Old Nokia mobile design

Please note: This item ONLY functions as a spy camera and does not work as a mobile phone.

Technical Specifications

Colors: black and silver
Appearance: old Nokia phone
Video and photo resolution: 1280x960
Picture format: JPEG
Screen size: 1.8 inch
Audio format: WAV
Video format: AVI
PC connection: USB
Viewing angle: 80 degrees
Memory: 4GB TF/micro SD card (maximum 32GB TF)
Working temperatures: 0-40 degrees Celsius
Battery: Li-ion 1000mAh, 3.7V
Battery audio recording time: about 72 hours
Battery video recording time: about 6 hours
Compatibility: Windows Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS 10.4, Linux
How to turn on: hold power ON/OFF button for 3 seconds
Recharge voltage: DC 5V
Zoom: yes
Playback: yes
Time stamp: yes
- Power ON/OFF
- Photo
- Focus adjust
- Video
- Delete/select
- Audio
- Power OFF screen
- Motion detection
- Confirmation
Dimensions: 105mm x 45mm x 12mm


USB cable
Memory: 4GB TF/micro SD card (maximum 32GB TF)
spy phone camera
English user manual .


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Spy Mobile Phone Camera In Delhi India

Spy Mobile Phone Camera In Delhi India

Spy Mobile Phone Camera In Delhi India

Spy Mobile Phone Camera In Delhi India
Spy Mobile Phone Camera In Delhi India