Product Features :

The AC Adapter Hidden Camera DVR is the most covert spy camera on the market! Looks just like a regular AC Adapter, but inside is actually a self-recording high-res camera that records amazing high-resolution real-time video at 1280x960 resolution! The unit is powered by the wall outlet, so there are NO BATTERY LIFE CONCERNS to worry about. This is an all-in-one recording plug-n-play video recorder - just plug it in the wall, and it starts to record when it detects motion. There are no confusing options to configure, or settings to set up, you can literally take the AC Adapter Hidden Camera out of the box, insert the SD card, plug it into your wall, and start recording! Quite possibly the easiest-to-use hidden camera ever.
Depending on the recording options you would like to configure, we offer two versions of this miniature spy camera. See the chart below for details: Parents/Homeowners - The perfect nanny cam to protect your home when you're away Concerned Spouses - Investigate suspicions of possible infidelity or cheating spouses Business Owners - Record high-res video so you know what's going on when you are gone Private Investigators and Law Enforcement - Gather video evidence quickly and easily


    AC Outlet Powered
    Powered by any standard AC outlet so you'll never have to worry about battery life.
    High Resolution Video
    The AC Adapter Camera records in amazing high resolution 1280x960 video at 30fps.
    Motion Activated Video
    Both models feature motion-activated recording. ELITE model also offers
    continous recording.
    Plug-and-Play Operation Simple to use - just plug it in and it's ready to start recording!
    Auto Overwrite Mode
    Automatically overwrites the oldest files when memory card is full so you'll never miss a moment.
    Records to SD Card
    Video is recorded to hidden SD card (32GB max) so files can be played back on any PC or Mac.
    Time/Date Stamp
    ELITE model also has embedded time/date stamp so you know exactly when your video was recorded.
    Covert Hidden Design
    Completely covert and hidden - no lights, beeps, or anything to give away that this is a camera.
    Remote Control
    ELITE model includes remote control to change recording options, and view playback on your TV.
    Free Lifetime Tech Support
    Get lifetime technical support from our experienced product experts if you ever have any questions.

Package Included

    AC Adapter Hidden Camera
    AC Adapter Power Cord
    4GB SD Card
    Instruction Manual
    USB Connection Cable
    RCA Connection Cable


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