Product Features :

This optical mouse has been designed elegantly to please everyone. Its curves, combined with a discreet orange line on a black background, make it very attractive. Fully functioning as a plug-and-play normal mouse, just plug this beautiful mouse into your desktop or laptop through USB (plug and play!) to appreciate the feel press of its two buttons as well as the fine scroll of its wheel. But, behind its angelic appearance, this ingenious device is also a secret spy audio bug Built right in the heart of this pretty optical mouse, a tri band GSM system makes audio spying easier and more exciting than ever. Simply insert a SIM card into the mouse, plug it into any computer and make a call with your mobile phone to be able to hear all the sounds around! Since this spy gadget is only a transmitter, nobody will notice you are listening to their conversation. If you suspect your partner to cheat on you, replace your current mouse by this hidden GSM bug, and you will finally discover the truth during their Skype voice calls! Or give it as a gift to your business rival and find out all the dark secrets he's been hiding...


    Main function: optical mouse + audio spy device
    Color: black
    Network: GSM tri band (900/1800/1900)
    Interface: USB 2.0
    Port: male full USB
    Slot: SIM card
    Supported OS: Windows 2000/ME/2003/7/Vista/XP
    Dimensions: 90 x 48 x 34 (mm)
    Product Notes
    Powered directly by USB.
    This product doesn’t have recording function. There is no internal memory.
    It works with 900/1800/1900 GSM frequencies. Please check your local frequency before purchasing.

At a Glance...

    English user manual


    1. 16 GB memory
    2. Remote control
    3. Vibrating function ( remind for starting ,stopping and etc. )
    4. Handbag DVR
    5. 1280X960




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