Product Features :

A normal but luxury sport wristwatch has one smallest camera inside.Just press the power switch; it begins transmitting high quality color video with sound to our supplied 2.4GHz wireless MPEG-4 Daytime stamp DVR up to 300 feet away. Needless to use any cable to connect with them. Put the DVR in a Bag or on a Belt,ThenJust press one button , It will start to transmitter video and audio simultaneously . It also works as a normal watch.
It's ideal for the security personnel, law enforcement agencies, journalists to fulfill the undercover assignments, like evidence collection, hidden investigation and surveillance, etc. It is also great as a toy for hobby enthusiasts, as body worn solutions.


  • 1)Watch cameraX 1
    2) solar charger X 1
    3) AC adapter X 1
    4) USB cables X 2
    5) Extended cable X1


  • 1) Wireless transmission makes the DVR receiver can be separately carried by another person, thus not any evidence can be suspected or detected from the watch wearer, which assures great safety for the users to fulfill undercover assignments
    2)Tiny pinhole camera lens is safely hidden inside a working watch with a standard MP3 watch looking, making it ultra-discreet.
    3)Long continuous operating time for camera wristwatch up to 1 hour.
    4)Built-in transmitter (300ft. L.O.S. range)
    5)2.4G wireless 4 channel 2.5 LCD color monitor recorder DVR provides high quality AV for view and record, no need to connect with any cable or any other equipment.
    6)Rechargeable Li-battery for wireless receiver enables at least 6 hours continuous working.
    7)No need installation, just plug and play.


Frequency CH1=2414MHz;CH2=2432MHz CH3=2450MHz;CH4=2468MHz
Audio subcarrier frequency. 6.0Mhz
Antenna Built-in 2.4G antenna
RF Output power 10mW
Transmitting Range 300 feet in line of sight
Sensor 1/4 CMOS color
Resolution NTSC:510X490; PAL:380X296
Horizontal resolution NTSC:380 TV line; PAL:240 TV line
Minimum illumination 2.0lux
Built-in mic. 55dB high sensitivity
View angle 60 degree
Li-battery capacity 110MAH
Operating time 1 hour
Charge time 15 minutes
Operating voltage DC 5V
Operating current 120MA
Solar charger high capacity built-inLi-battery 1350MAH: it can discharge 9 times for transmitting operation up to 9 hours
Solar energy board 5.5V/80MA

DVR Specification:

2.4Ghz Wireless MPEG-4 Recorder DVR ( WIth Day Time Stamp )
2.5" TFT LCD (882x228 Resolution)
Video Format Mpeg-4, AVI (640 or 320 @ 30fps) MP3, Wav.
Recording AVI format Mpeg-4 video, Support Both PAL and NTSC
Built-in Memory 4 GB
Support Daytime stamp ( Both On PC and DVR)
Memory Support SD: 16M to 4GB. / USB-Disk storage up to 20GB
Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, about 5 hours play time
USB 2.0 and OTG interface supportable  


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Watch Camera Dvr In Delhi India

Watch Camera Dvr In Delhi India

Watch Camera Dvr In Delhi India

Watch Camera Dvr In Delhi India

Watch Camera Dvr In Delhi India
Watch Camera Dvr In Delhi India